PureForge Introduces its Revolutionary Motorcycle Braking System

pureforge brake rotor
Poway, CA-based PureForge has introduced a new motorcycle braking system that it says will stop a motorcycle much more quickly than other leading braking systems.

It's technology lies in treating the brake rotors to eliminate wear.

According to the company...

PureForge Atomic-Forged brake systems have been specifically engineered to eliminate wear.  The surface of the rotors undergo a complex metallurgical process protected by multiple patents and patents pending.  By modifying the surface of 420 stainless steel brake rotor at the molecular level, the end result is a multi-layer, ultra-dense exotic metal matrix that is forged directly into the surface of the rotor.

PureForge adds its own grooves into the brake rotor to create a fitting into the brake pads.  Because the rotor doesn't wear, the brake pads grip the rotor as if they were brand new.

For more information... http://pureforge.com/


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