Suzuki Recalls GSX-R's 2004 - 2013

A massive recall for Suzuki's GSX-R sportbikes by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been issued. As many as 210,228 motorcycles, including 2004-2013 model year Suzuki GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 as well as 2005-2013 GSX-R1000’s, will be affected.

The issue stated is “in combination with older brake fluid, corrosion of the brake piston inside of the front brake master cylinder generates gas that may result in a reduction of fluid pressure transmission to the front brake.”

Suzuki states, “After a long-term service life of the motorcycle without changing the brake fluid, the brake fluid can deteriorate and absorb moisture. The brake piston inside the front brake master cylinder may not have uniform surface treatment. This combination of conditions can lead to corrosion of the brake piston.” This corrosion contributes to the generation of gas and due to the side position of the reservoir, may not be “adequately purged from the master cylinder.” As the gas accumulates the front brake lever “may develop a ‘spongy’ feel and stopping distances may be extended, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Suzuki distributors will replace the front brake master cylinder on affected models with a unit that has a redesigned reservoir port on top of the master cylinder and updated surface treatment on the brake piston. “Several associated parts will also be replaced."

Owners may call Suzuki Motor of America's Customer Service line is 714-572-1490. Suzuki’s campaign ID numbers for the recall are: 2A (31,32,33,34,35,36).


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