Bikers Are Animals: Children's Book Dispels Biker Myths

A new children's book series aims to teach youngsters about the spirit of freedom and brotherhood that comes with riding motorcycles.

Bikers Are Animals is a collection of four books that uses cartoon animals as motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life.  A child rides on the back of a customized bike as a big, burly American Bald Eagle takes him for a ride.  The child learns about the importance of safety gear, the freedom of the open road, and brotherhood of fellow riders.

Written and illustrated by Paul Jamiol, a biker himself, Bikers Are Animals teaches children that motorcycle riding is fun, and that motorcycle riders are intelligent, appealing, hardworking, independent, and family-oriented individuals.

The characters in this riding adventure speak to the child by what they do. The animal characters each have his/her own individual look and their own individual motorcycle. They ride, form clubs for fun, build motorcycles, and enjoy different rides for different reasons.  Their brief little stories tell of what they love, and how motorcycles and riding enhance their lives and their relationships. The emphasis is on safety, working together and caring about yourself, others and your motorcycle.

Jamiol's book dispels the public myth that motorcyclists are big burly animals who care nothing but themselves.  In reality, it show them that motorcycling is fun and that you can't "judge a book by its cover".

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