Church Hoppers & Freedom Biker Church

church hoppers freedom biker church
If you have a passion for Christianity and motorcycles, then mark your calendars for November 17, 2013, at 10:00pm ET/PT.

Church Rescue is a new television show running on National Geographic that documents the work of Church Hoppers, a consultant group of three ministers who travel around the country helping struggling ministries increase congregations and boost revenue.

Episode II, dubbed "Biker Church Reborn" focused specifically on the Conover, NC branch of Freedom Biker Church, a syndicate of motorcycle ministries located across the United States and Canada.  The Church Hopper trio comes in and does a recon of the church, gives vocal lessons to Pastor Greg, and addresses his lack of leadership skills.

During the episode, Pastor Greg encounters some rowdy bikers at a bar while spreading the gospel.

Towards the end of the show, Pastor Greg, is shown his remodeled church and delivers a stellar sermon to the surprise of the Church Hoppers.

Source:  National Geographic Channel


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