Devil's Couriers Motorcycle Club: New Comedy Series

devils couriers mc
A new comedy series comes to Internet-only television featuring a motorcycle club on the demise, and a scooter club on the rise.

The Devil's Couriers Motorcycle Club was running a successful erectile dysfunction business when The Spunk Lake Hipsters, a scooter club, gains control of Bonera, a new male enhancement drug. The Hipsters Hipsters take the rivalry too far with a brutal kidnapping. Blood and beer will spill in hopes of returning two of their own and restoring order in the Gobbler Creek community. Who will win the battle for Bonera?

Season One consists of 20 episodes available on YouTube and the Devil's Couriers Official Website. Episodes are less than four minutes and loaded with action and comedy. Assaulting a bike cop, blind grandma, sales rep and multiple Hipsters round out the first season. The Finale incorporates a beer can camera that adds to the production value and uniqueness.

The Web Series includes an ensemble of talented actors from veteran John Walcutt (Henry) to young Jacob Magas (Jake the Kid). Created by Shane Cibella (Tristan) and Produced by Tim Aslin (Max), Kovar McClure (Frank), and Winston Abalos. The Go Diesel Production team worked on everything from directing to writing and recording the original music.

Go Diesel Productions was founded in 2008 by Tim Aslin and Shane Cibella. This is the second series produced within the company.

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