FORKS: Around-the-World Motorcycle Adventure Comes to Life

forks allan karl
Motorcycle rider Allan Karl turned to turned to crowdfunding for the printing of his first-edition book, "FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection".

After one week, it reached 75% of its funding goal on Kickstarter.

The book brings to life a three-year global adventure in a unique oversized, full-color, hardcover book.  More than three years into the making, FORKS incorporates more than 500 color photographs and 40 recipes from all over the world to complement Karl’s stories of cultural discovery and human connection.

“The best way to experience the world,” says Karl, “is to see it through photographs, to feel it through stories of connection and culture, and to taste it in local food.”

Copies of his books can be pre-ordered for as little as $45 on Kickstarter.

For three years Karl rode his BMW GS motorcycle more than 60,000 miles over five continents, through 35 countries. While in Bolivia he crashed and broke his leg.  In the Colombian jungle he was escorted to a remote waterfall at gunpoint.  He had to plead with the governments of Syria and Sudan for passage through their countries.

FORKS is published by WorldRider Publishing and Press. Copies can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

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