Garmin VIRB Elite, the New GoPro Killer

garmin virb elite
Garmin VIRB Elite, which offers 16MP HD footage with GPS maps, seems targeted as the GoPro killer for motoryclists.

The video camera creates high resolution HD footage with image stabilization, while its GPS creates maps that of high quality. With a long battery life of any action camera at 2,000 mAh, it can record up to 3 hours of continuous footage.

The VIRB Elite has comes with a variety of mounting systems for cars, motorcycles, ATV's, ski helmets, bikes, skateboards, and just about any outdoor hobby imaginable. There is even a waterproof case for snorkeling or surfing.

The Garmin VIRB Elite also has a full color screen on the device for instant playback and has auto-pause, something the GoPro does not have. It will also display a digital compass while you're filming so that you can figure out where you're headed.

Pricing on the new motion camera with helmet or bike mounting hardware runs about $399.99, which is priced similarly to the GoPro.

Garmin VIRB Elite is now on sale at the Heart Rate Watch Company...


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