Halo 5 Motorcycle Helmet Coming Soon

halo motorcycle helmet
Would you wear a motorcycle helmet designed after the helmet in Halo 5?

National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), a company that makes licensed consumer goods, announced today that it's partnering with Microsoft Studios, the publisher of the famous Halo line of video games, to produce branded products.

Among them is an actual DOT approved motorcycle helmet...

"The new line will be available to consumers beginning in April 2014, and will include a wide assortment of products, including 1:4 scale action figures, mini figures, DOT-approved motorcycle helmets, prop replicas, board games, and HeroClix miniatures games for a variety of platforms."

Photographs of the helmet are not available yet.  The photo above is from the actual game, and our guess is that the helmet would look very similar.

Several people have already made their own mock motorcycle helmet based on the Halo video game.  Photos of them are currently circulating (see Google search here) and many people have said that they'd wear it if they could buy one.  It seems the law of Supply vs. Demand continues to hold true.

But it's interesting how video games are extending themselves into real world applications.

Source:  NECA Press Release


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