Marine with PTSD Sues Harley-Davidson

A US marine who had been deployed with special forces in Afghanistan, is suing Orange County Harley-Davidson for selling him a motorcycle he was not mentally prepared to deal with.

After leaving the Marine Corps in 2010, Brett Smith began suffering daily panic attacks and nightmares and was eventually diagnosed with PTSD.  He began hallucinating after not being able to sleep for 5 days.

"I was having conversations with my wife, only to realize she wasn't there", Smith stated on a recent news report.

He suddenly decided he needed to buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and ride it to Georgia, not having an actual motorcycle endorsement.  While at the dealership, he began sweating profusely.  The salesman gave him water for medication.  Smith said he told the salesman he suffered from PTSD.  After several hours, he signed a loan agreement for nearly $17,000.00.

"The next day I saw the bike", Smith said.  "I don't know if I was asleep or not."

Soon after, he was hospitalized for 10 days in a psychiatric facility.

He's now suing the dealer to get the deal cancelled.

"Some would say he's just having buyer's remorse", Darren Kelly, Smith's attorney said.  "I understand that it's a concept of signing your name.  But he didn't understand the big picture of what he was doing."

Opinion:  The Harley dealer should recognize this guy is a war veteran who came back with some severe mental trauma, and just take the bike back.  I think they'll actually get some positive publicity from it.

Source:  ABC News.


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