Motorcycle Officer Resigns After Another Rider Videotaped Him Racing

montgomery alabama motorcycle cop racing
A motor officer in Montgomery, AL resigned from his position after he was videotaped racing his police edition Harley-Davidson with another rider.

Lawrence Lee Spillers was the other rider.  He was wearing a video camera at the time when the cop pulled up to the intersection.

"You wanna race?" Spillers said to the cop.

"I got turbo" the officer replied.

As the light turned green, the cop sped away, and Spillers took off after him.  The two raced down a street, stopping at another intersection to race again.

"Fuck yeah!" Spillers said in excitment.

Spillers then took off on his Honda CBR600RR leaving the cop in the dust.

Later, he posted the video on YouTube.

“For the very thing that we are out here enforcing the law, for an officer to cross that line and violate it, there’s no excuse,” the department’s police chief, Kevin Murphy said.  “I will not tolerate it and he is no longer wearing the badge.”

Spillers responded by saying that he didn't see any reason for firing the officer.

“I think the officer was just trying to have fun,” he said. “I don’t think he should be charged with anything and I don’t think he should have lost his job.”

Opinion:  And I agree.  But if Spillers was going to engage the officer into a race, then he should have given him the courtesy of NOT posting the video.  It's just common respect.  If you don't want the cop to bust YOU for racing, then don't bust HIM.

Source:  NY Daily News

Watch the video below...


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