Motorcycle Engine Beer Cooler

Haven't you wanted a turn a V-Twin motorcycle engine into a beer cooler? Adam Curry of Altoona, IA had always wanted to. And now the brainchild behind Ironclad Coolers, he's getting close to enjoying his favorite brew cooled down by the magical wonder of the 45 degree American styled powerplant.

The tops of the cylinder heads open up on hinges, revealing plenty of space for a 12-pack and ice.

Curry has been a tattoo artist for 10 years, but has also been around motorcycles his whole life and even enjoys building them. The fact that his beer will be cooled by a motorcycle engine only seems like a logical step towards the completion of his life.

Ironclad Coolers is currently running on Kickstarter, and seeks an aggressive goal of $275,000.

Curry plans to make a cooler that looks so much like a V-Twin motorcycle engine that he's already submitted a patent on it. Imagine showing up to a motorcycle rally with a motorcycle engine filled with ice and beer, you'll be all the envy.



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