Steve McQueen's 1938 Harley-Davidson Goes to Auction

steve mcqueen 1938 harley-davidson
A lot of guys buy old Harleys and fix them up.  But how many get a chance to own Steve McQueen's 1938 Harley-Davidson WLD Solo Sport?

It still has the original factory paint and is still running with 21,000 miles on it.

The 45 cubic inch motorcycle, ridden by the coolest motorcycle-riding actor of our time, was originally auctioned off in 1984 at his estate sale in Las Vegas.  McQueen's ownership is fully documented and comes with original bill of sale from estate sale, odometer statement from estate sale, original auction catalog from estate sale and 1984 Certificate of Authenticity.

It also includes McQueen’s personal tools found wrapped in a piece of denim in the frame mounted tool box.

Auctioning will take place in Anaheim, CA on November 21-23, 2013

To register for bidding, visit:


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