First Classics Prima Motorcycle Vest

first classics prima motorcycle vest
Have you ever felt inadequate because you have a cheap looking motorcycle vest? Vest envy is a real problem within the motorcycle community. I should know, because I had it bad.

I originally purchased the cheapest vest I could find because I didn’t want to invest in something I’d never wear if I didn’t enjoy riding with my local Harley Owners Group (HOG) chapter. This was a big mistake. Turns out I really like riding with the HOG chapter and the cheap $20 vest I bought isn’t looking too good. After two years of feeling inferior, I decided it was time for a new vest.

You can imagine how excited I was when I received my First Classics Prima Motorcycle Vest from From the moment I opened the box I knew I had something good.

The leather was thick and supple and had a nice heft to it. The vest was solidly constructed and the stitching was impeccable. I examined the metal snaps…five up the front, two on the collar, two on the outside pockets, and two on the inside pockets. They felt solid, snapping and unsnapping with just the right amount of force. I was impressed!

I slid the size large vest on my 5’7” 195-pound frame to check the fit. It was a little snug but an x-large would have swallowed me. I wore the vest several times over the course of the next week, both on and off the bike. Overall, the vest is comfortable, stylish, and offers plenty of space for patches and pins. It even has a buttonhole in the left pocket flap so you can connect your ear buds to an MP3 player.

The only downside I’ve found is the back is made-up of multiple panels so my HOG chapter patch will overlap a few seams. Fortunately, I can live with that. No more vest envy for me!

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Curt Carter is a retired Air Force officer living in San Antonio, TX. Although Curt still has a “day” job, he fancies himself a photographer, blogger, and motorcycle adventurer. You can follow Curt’s adventures on his blog, Live Free and Ride Hard.


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