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Monkey Butt Radio, one of the funniest and most informative internet radio programs about motorcycles and the motorcycling community is set to go to a weekly format starting January 7th, 2014. With some great guests lined up to start the new year like Sash and Highway from Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia, World speed record holder and first woman to go over 200 mph on a v-twin Jody Perewitz, local and international bike builders, ABATE representatives and of course the mayor of Fun, Bean’re himself. 2014 is set to be a stellar year for the Monkey Butt Nation! Co-hosts Grumpy Mike and Biggus will be airing from the Vets on Media studios on Tuesday nights at 6 pm AZ time in addition to remote broadcasts and interviews from around the country.

Monkey Butt Radio is hosted by two Harley riding former Marines whose love for motorcycles is only superseded by their love of veterans and the American way. Always outspoken and direct, taking a no-holds barred approach to the things that matter to the biker community. With over a million miles in the saddle between them, monkey butt is something they both have experienced before. Grumpy Mike is the owner of a local independent bike shop. He is also an advocate for motorcycle rights, so much that he pondered attending law school to become a lobbyist for motorcycle organizations. The other half of the duo is Mikey Biggus. A former Harley-Davidson test rider now residing in Glendale with his beautiful wife and pack of rescue animals, he still likes putting miles on his Street Glide. While they both have a pure passion for motorcycles, they participate in different ways and giving back to the motorcycle community.

Rude, crude and socially unacceptable! Do you get pissed when a texting driver almost runs you over? Is your “HELMET LAWS SUCK” sticker covering the DOT sticker on your helmet? Is your long hair swinging and middle finger in the air? Or maybe just want to know about some cool events in your area? Monkey Butt Radio is your voice. Come get a whiff!


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