Voxan Wattman, World's Most Powerful Electric Motorcycle

voxan wattman electric motorcycle
Voxan Motors, today, unveiled its new Wattman, an electric motorcycle at the Paris Motorcycle Show.

Billed as the "world's most powerful electric motorcycle", the Wattman boasts up to 200hp with an instantaneous torque of 200Nm up to 10,500rpm.

Voxan claims its new electric motorcycle will reach speeds of up to 160Km/h (99.4 mph) in 5.9 seconds.

The Wattman features a charging time of 80% in less than 30 minutes thanks to a "COMBO II" socket, the European quick charge standard. It can also be plugged to a standard household socket, thanks to its integrated charger.

Its ultra-compact 12.8kWh battery provides up to 180 km (111.8 miles) of range.

Dubbed "the new French Revolution", the Voxan Wattman inaugurates a new motorcycle architecture built around a motor-battery pack carrier set. The frame is replaced by an ultra-rigid exoskeleton, integrating all the components of the powertrain. This results in a very pure motorcycle without a visible technical feature.

voxan wattman electric motorcycle
Sacha LAKIC, designer of the Wattman, "this aluminium exoskeleton which contains the battery is the motorcycle's signature. You can tell from this design that it is an electric machine."

Primarily intended for an exclusive international clientele seeking innovation, the Wattman will be produced unit-by-unit, upon order, and hand-assembled in France, at the Solesmes (Sarthe) Electric Vehicle Manufacture.

Source: Voxan Motors Press Release


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