Saddlebags for Vegans from Motorcycle House

Believe it or not, vegans ride motorcycles too. And they don't just want textile gear. Many like the look of leather without wearing and using actual animals.

Motorcycle House has a number of products with the look of leather, but are made of synthetics. This pleases the vegan crowd and provides attractive, durable saddlebags for everyone. Their special this week is Nomad USA Slanted Medium Plain Black Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags Made of synthetic leather, these stylish saddlebags are offered at a 40% discount.


All Nomad Bags are made from 100% waterproof and durable Synthetic leather
Clean lines and uncluttered styling
Secure and convenient to open
Extremely affordable prices for both right and left bags
Comes equipped with a built in locking mechanism
Plastic reinforced lid and body guarantees your bags never sag or lose shape

Synthetic leather is a man made fabric that looks like leather. It has leather like surface and is dyed and treated to make it have the look and feel of real leather. It is often used as a substitute for real leather because it is less expensive and it does not require using a real animal hide to create. Most vegans feel trapped in the textile gear. This is an opportunity to find the look they want while not harming animals.


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