Throw a Motorcycle Party for Your Favorite Biker

Pirates, nerds, sports — those party themes have all been done to death. When you're looking for a fresh, new subject to build a party around, look at what interests you or the guest of honor. Take the "Sons of Anarchy" fan, for instance. You already know he loves motorcycles and he'd be thrilled with a motorcycle-themed party. With its distinctive clothing and essential accessories, motorcycle culture has a wealth of ideas to draw on to build a party.

Motorcycle-themed parties are adaptable, too. They're fun for kids of all ages, from four to 84. Guests will have a ball dressing in biker garb and getting a rub-on tattoo from an "artist" with his own tattoo parlor set up in the corner. You can even modify old-school party games to make them biker-focused. Carrie Grosvenor of suggests fun games such as "Motorcycle" Races, Pin the Helmet on the Biker and Motorcycle Piñata. Before you plan the games, get your ducks in a row for the three most important aspects of your motorcycle party:


Every party starts with an invitation — after all, without the guests, there is no party. That's where printable invitation websites come in handy. They have a range of themed invitations including motorcycle and biker themes that you can customize with your date, time, place and the guest of honor's name. You can even upload an electronic picture of him for the ultimate personalized invitation. You don't even have to go that far, though. Use cardstock with a checkered pattern on one side to create simple postcard-type invitations. Slip them inside plain envelopes, and decorate them with adhesive motorcycle stickers.

Biker Decor and Party Favors

Decorating for a motorcycle party is just as fun as the party itself. Lay out checkered plastic sheeting to create a biker cafe atmosphere. Hang flaming and checkered flags on ribbon across the walls. Get actual biker gear such as motorcycle helmets, gloves, goggles, wristbands and key rings, and use them as centerpiece decorations and take-home gifts. If you or a friend has a motorcycle, clean it up and wheel it into the party room to serve as a focal point for your shindig. Shop dollar stores and party supply shops for plastic mini motorcycles, bandanas and inexpensive sunglasses to give to your biker guests as party favors.

Wall decoration
Photo by Flickr user annkelliot

Feed Your Motorcycle Mob

Setting up your motorcycle-themed party might be fun, but the food has the potential to steal the show if you play your cards right. Start out with a burger bar for your bikers with all the fixin's: bacon, sautéed and fresh onions, mushrooms, relish and pepper-jack cheese. Wrap soda cans in oil can labels you've designed and printed. Frost half a dozen cupcakes in black and half a dozen in white, then set them out in a checkerboard design. Get motorcycle-shaped sugar cookies from the bakery or bake them yourself. Find biker-themed cupcake toppers at party supply stores, and stop by the auto-supply to stock up on paper cones used for pouring oil into an engine. They're a fun "biker" way to serve up snack items like popcorn or trail mix.

A harley cake
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