Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit Kicks Into Gear

The Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit kicked into gear today with a Meet & Greet and a presentation by Lisa Fedders Brouwer on Full Throttle Living. Lisa is a dynamic speaker that will challenge and inspire any audience to not just be a passenger. . . but to grab life by the bars and experience it at full throttle from the driver’s seat. Being held at the Sheraton Denver South in Colorado, women riders from around the country have logged thousands of miles to converge upon this inaugural one-of-a-kind summit.

"I have already seen the day, in that place where my vision lives; the day when women from all corners of our continent and of our world converge together. To live, laugh, love and ride! Today, that came to fruition!" said founder of Steel Horse Sisterhood Joan Krenning.

Joan will be speaking at the conference, along with Laura Klock, holder of AMA and SCTA National Land Speed Records from the Bonneville Salt Flats and Vice President of Klock Werks. Also speaking is Eldonna Fernandez Lewis, creator of Think Like a Negotiator and Genevieve Schmitt, one of the leading experts on the subject of women and motorcycling.

The Summit runs from May 1 through May 4, 2014 and will include group rides, speakers, vendors, mini-tech and skill sessions, seminars and entertainment.


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