Electric cruiser from Brammo in the works?

A blurry sketch of a proposed electric cruiser from Brammo has surfaced on the internet. The Oregon-based company is one of the major players in the electric market, and delivering such a model could help push it and electric motorcycles further into the mainstream.

Although the image has since disappeared, it was part of Brammo's presentation on EarlyShares.com, a fund-raising website targeted at large investors (minimum investment of $25,000). Also in the presentation were images for an electric dirt bike and electric scooter, both of which are concepts Brammo has floated in the past. 

Without doubt, however, the aptly named eCruiser will be of most interest to American riders. It's estimated that cruisers make up roughly 60 percent of the U.S. motorcycle market, and many people have wondered why companies like Brammo and California-based Zero have thus far overlooked this style.

If brought forward into production, the Brammo eCruiser would compete most in the coolness stakes against the recently announced LiveWire, an electric motorcycle from the world's most famous cruiser company, Harley-Davidson. 

However, it's worth noting that the LiveWire's ergonomics are upright, putting a rider in the classic "sit up and beg" seating position, with his or her feet tucked directly beneath or slightly behind. Although details are hard to see in the Brammo image, it is clear enough to identify the bike's forward-mounted controls, thereby making it a true cruiser (in ergonomics, at least).

A Brammo cruiser wouldn't be entirely groundbreaking; Las Vegas-based Bell Custom Cycles has produced an electric cruiser, the V9, for a number of years. However, the Brutus V9 uses a less-efficient brushed DC motor, and is produced on a much smaller scale. Brammo, meanwhile has dealerships worldwide and is generally seen as being a leader in the field of electric motorcycles.


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