MotoStays Offers Free Room & Board to Motorcycle Riders

MotoStays is a new business that lets motorcycle riders stay for free at the home of other motorcycle riders.

The catch is that in order to stay for free at someone's home, you have to offer your home for free to other riders as well.

Both riders and hosts can post reviews and ratings of each other to encourage respect and friendliness throughout the MotoStays community.

The idea was created by a motorcycling couple, Tad and Gaila, who had spent 14 months riding their BMW motorcyles across the North, Central, and South America. They found the experience so enlightening and freeing, they didn't want to return to their corporate jobs when they came back. So, they started a business that would let them stay on their motorcycles and contribute back to the motorcycling community.

"We returned to the Northwest and found the corporate world just wasn’t going to work anymore", the couple writes on their website. "You won’t take a journey like this and come back as the same person."

Both Tad and Gaila also offer their home in Seattle to other riders, for free.

But MotoStays is not completely free. There is a membership fee of $49.95 per year to use MotoStays. But once you've paid the membership fee, you can take advantage of MotoStays' free room and board for the entire year.

Coverage is mostly within the United States, but there are places listed in Canada, Europe, and Asia. The more riders who participate in it, the more FREE places all motorcycle riders can stay at.

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