New Strides Achieved By Victory Electric Motorcycles

William Dunlop racing the Victory Empulse TT at 2015 Isle of Man

Electric motorcycles have a long way to go before being considered by the average motorcycle consumer.

"Until the range of electric motorcycles is increased, or charging locations become more prevalent, the ability is limited of electric motorcycles to become something more than a simple commuter bike and therefore, more enticing for the weekend and long distance rambler," Jason O. Nungesser shared.

The newest race bike from Victory Racing, the Victory RR, may be the turning point riders have been waiting for. In a practice session for the TT Zero race, Victory's rider William Dunlop beat the fastest lap speed set by the team last year. The TT Zero race takes place at 16:25 on Wednesday 8th June.

William Dunlop rode one lap of the course, achieving an average speed of 112.85mph, faster than his 104.18mph lap last year. And the Victory RR bike was the fastest machine through the Grandstand at the end of the lap hitting 142.52mph compared to John McGuiness’ 125.90mph.

Much of the increase in speed has come from the upgraded Parker GVM electric motor coupled to a more advanced battery, developed by Brammo.

The Victory RR bike forms part of Victory’s international R&D development program. This machine as well as the Empulse RR and Project 156 that are being raced at Pikes Peak later in June, are test beds for the technology that will be used in the firm’s future products.

Team manager Brian Wismann explains. "Improvements in both the overall energy and capacity are a result of a newly developed battery. Since the battery is an entirely new design, big changes to the chassis design were needed – from an extruded aluminum twin spar to a steel trellis frame. Lithium-ion battery technology is improving every year which will provide more performance, greater range and less cost in future vehicles."

“Some enhancements have also been made to the electric motor too. Compared to the electric motor we used in the TT Zero event last year, this year’s version features an even further optimized winding configuration based on the data gathered from last year’s bikes. Coupled with the increased energy on board in the battery, William Dunlop will have access to more of the power available from this motor than in 2015.”


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