Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show 2018

Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show 2018 Covered by: Justin Jinkins   For the past five years now, the weekend surrounding the last Sat...

Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show 2018

Covered by: Justin Jinkins 

For the past five years now, the weekend surrounding the last Saturday of March gets marked off on the calendars by myself and hundreds of other chopper and motorcycle lovers across the country. The central Texas city of New Braunfels is normally a spring and summer destination for thousands looking to beat the Texas heat by tubing in the Guadalupe and Comal rivers, or at the fantastic water park, Schlitterbahn. But for this weekend, a different crowd swarms this cozy, little tourist city, for a completely different reason. The Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show was born out of Matt Jackson, Joey Cano, John Collins, and Marcos Flores. The growing chopper scene in Texas deserved some love, and these guys gave it to us. While Giddy Up has not reached the size of The Born Free Show in Southern California, I believe it could easily in the next couple of years. It draws constant comparisons by attendees & social media. Some are even saying that they now prefer Giddy Up over its bigger, Californian brother. 

If you like to hang out and have a good time with all your biker friends, Giddy Up gave you plenty of opportunities this year. When you hear that everything is bigger in Texas, that obviously includes the number of parties we like to there was no shortage for 2018. 

The festivities kicked off Thursday night with the pre-pre-party at The Little Darlin in Austin, TX, an hour ride up I-35 from New Braunfels. Friday night, the crowd moved back to New Braunfels for the pre-party at Gruene Harley Davidson. Special thanks to Lone Star Beer (the National beer of Texas!) for sponsoring this, and giving us all the Lone Star we could drink, for free! 
Timmy Marr's (@skidmarr) Sportster Posing for the Camera with a Lone Star Beer 

Haven’t had enough fun yet? Well now we shuffle down to River Road Ice House for the pre-party after party (yep, that’s a thing). 

Chopper Camping
Mandatory BlueBonnet Stop
Waterside Camping TX Style
After eventually making it back to camp, and a few hours of rest, Saturday morning finds us ready for a day filled with drooling over amazing choppers brought from all over the country, great live music, vendors from far and wide slinging their wares, and more Lone Star Beer flowing for the masses (just not free today!). River Road Ice House has hosted Giddy Up for all of its five years, and they do an amazing job of accommodating the hundreds of folks pouring in for the best little chopper show in Texas, as it grows more and more every year. 

Giddy Up is unlike pretty much all other bike shows. There are no prizes, awards, or trophies handed out. No one is trying to better anyone else to win a plaque or some cash. Builders simply haul their bikes here to put on display, and show like minded folks what they’ve busted their tails building, because they love it and it’s their passion. Personally, I love this about Giddy Up. This lifestyle isn’t a contest. It’s not about doing something better than someone else. It’s about the love of motorcycles, and seeing what crazy ideas so-and-so had and threw together on their chopper. Pure and simple. Even my little ol’ Evo Sportster chopper received plenty of oooo’s and ahhh’s (Thank you...oh...thank you). 

Every single bike in the invited show area was worth talking about and giving mention to...but that would just be impossible here. So, I’ll just note some of my personal favorites...

Both the Shovelhead and Flathead built by the marvelous Mike Nielsen 
(@themightyawful) of Denver, CO.


The killer Shovelhead by Dream Co. Cycle Supply (@dream_co_cycle_supply) of Iowa.

The Hawaiian themed, paradise dream of a Shovelhead (complete with matching Hawaiian shirts worn by him and his lady) by Jace Schroeder (@kraut_squatch), also of Iowa.

The crusty, old, white beast of a Panhead of Brian Buscemi (@brianbuscemi) from Austin, TX....I’ve always loved this bike. 

Of course, we can’t forget the highlight of the day, to close out the show Saturday evening...the drawing for someone to go home with this year’s giveaway bike, a slick 1946 Knucklehead built by Matt Jackson

For the first time in Giddy Up history, a lady won! This year’s Giddy Up bike found a new home with a young lady somewhere up in the Texas panhandle outside of Amarillo. Celebrations were aplenty! Oh, and remember how we like to throw as many parties as possible in a weekend? If you still wanted more after the pre-pre-party, the pre-party, the pre-party after party, and the show itself...we’ve got the show after party back at the campground Saturday night! More live music, beer, and good times for all that wanted to join in. 

1 / 18
GiddyUp Knucklehead
2 / 18
4 / 18
Mike Vitagliano's Killer Shovelhead
5 / 18
Mike Vitagliano's "Not Hippie Approved" Shovelhead
6 / 18
@StayChillBill's 51 Pan
7 / 18
Timmy Marr's Pitchin' Sissy
8 / 18
Basic Food Groups!
9 / 18
Siesta in Style
10 / 18
Beautiful Panhead
11 / 18
Dirty Girl
12 / 18
Clean Green Panhead w/ Sidecar
13 / 18
Eye Catching Genny Shovel
14 / 18
Live Music
15 / 18
Live Music
16 / 18
Live Music
17 / 18
Live Music
18 / 18
Live Music

Wrapping up a long weekend of camping on the Guadalupe River (muchas gracias to Camp Huaco Springs for being the official Giddy Up campground every year!), riding through the Texas hill country, consuming plenty of amazing Texas BBQ, tacos, and Lone Star Beer, and admiring tons of great bikes is always bittersweet. This is a must-do event for me, personally, every year. Giddy Up Cinco was incredible, but I expected nothing less. Here’s to looking forward to March 2019, when we’ll make the trek back to New Braunfels, Texas, and do it all over again!

Article by: Justin Jinkins


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